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Family sat together and smiling outside their home

Your impact in response to the Pakistan floods

33 million people have been impacted by the floods which swept across Pakistan, causing severe destruction in which families lost their homes, livelihoods and loved ones. 

Your support has reached over 1 million people

Alhumdulillah, your collective donations reached over 1 million of the most vulnerable people. Your crucial support enabled us to distribute multi-purpose cash grants, food packs, temporary shelter, kitchen sets and hygiene kits to help provide immediate relief to families suffering from the disaster.

Islamic relief has been working in Pakistan since 1992 and were one of the first aid agencies to respond to the initial flooding. Thanks to your incredible generosity and continued support, our emergency teams are continuing their efforts on the ground and are committed to helping communities recover as quickly as possible. Thank you.

With your generous support, we've provided: 


water tanks


winter kits


multi-purpose cash grants


hygiene kits


newborn baby kits


of clean drinking water each day

11, 667

food packs

1, 932


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Ambaarhi’s story 

“The flood destroyed our house. It has been two years since I lost my husband and I pick cotton from the fields to earn a daily wage and make a living”, says mother-of-three Ambaarhi from Dodo Khan Langhari village. 

“We lost our home in the floods and we spent seven days in the open. 

“The huge number of mosquitos made it difficult for my children to live outside. No one came to our help. We had been sitting in flood water and thought that water would take our lives. 

“Islamic Relief was the first organisation that reached our village with food and shelter”, she says. 

Mother holding her children in a tent.
Ambaarhi with her children.

We still need your help to support affected families

When disaster strikes, Islamic Relief is on the ground, providing the most effective and immediate relief to those in need. However, we recognise that disasters can take weeks, months or even years to recover from. The huge scale of the crisis in Pakistan means we need your continued support to help families get back on their feet. 

Families are struggling through an extremely harsh winter- with extreme cold and a lack of shelters taking even more lives. 

Islamic Relief’s focus is to ensure that families are safe from further harm. We’re working with local communities to identify the most vulnerable families and with your help, we will provide them with permanent homes. 

Shelter in construction
We're providing new homes to vulnerable families.

Your continued support could be the difference between life and death for those who have already endured so much. 

Over 2.2 million homes have been destroyed and entire villages remain underwater. 

Over a million livestock perished in the floods, making those who were once self-sufficient, now entirely dependant on outside support to survive. 

“Now, this cold winter is making me anxious. Where would I be able to find a warm home with my children?”, says Ambaarhi.

If you choose to make a further donation today, you can reach more families like Ambaarhi’s this winter and help to rebuild their lives.

Please continue to stand by the sides of affected families: Donate now.


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