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Fauziah, a rightsholder receiving her qurbani meat pack from islamic relief staff in yemen

Yemen: Qurbani is the only time families like Fauziah’s eat meat

Yemen’s almost decade-long civil war forced civilians to up arms, pulling thousands into a conflict that still continues today. The greatest victims of the war have been the widows and children left behind. 

Fuziah Abdullah Abdu Al Manari, 42, is one such widow. A mother-of-seven, living in a single room, she laughs at the idea of cooking meat for her family.

Fauziah, a rightsholder receiving her qurbani meat pack from islamic relief staff in yemen
I’m struggling to buy basic food aid like flour, rice and sugar, so neither can I offer the meat nor fruit to my children

says Fuziah

She once worked as a cleaning lady at the local schools and homes around Sa’awan, a neighborhood that was the scene of bombardment in 2015. A herniated disc means she can no longer work.

“My family is struggling to get access to suitable food, clean drinking water, health care and education owing to our deteriorated life-conditions, besides I can’t send my children to study in public schools because I don’t have money to help them pay for fees, school uniforms, pens and handbooks.”

For Fauziah and her family, Eid offers a welcome relief.

It’s also the only time they get to eat meat.

Eid Al Adha is a big joy; we visit our relatives and children feel happy as they will go playing in gardens. Moreover, Eid days are blessed days

“The Qurbani meat pack we received today from Islamic Relief Yemen did really make our day during Eid. We only eat meat on Eid from the support of the Islamic Relief and from the Sadaqah of good people.

“The lack of the meat in our meals affects the whole family, especially the children because their bodies lack vitamins and proteins, so all of us will be a hotbed to diseases”, says Fuziah.

Thank you for your generous donations which are a lifeline for families like Ajaiba’s. Find out more about our Quality Assured Qurbani programme here.

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