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Yemen crisis: Supporting vulnerable children in desperate need

More than 8 years of crisis have made Yemen’s children extremely vulnerable and have left 21.6 million people in dire need of humanitarian aid. Islamic Relief is working to support children suffering from the fallout of the crisis.

Hussien is one of many children supported by our Orphan Sponsorship Programme.

His mother is the family’s sole breadwinner but the money she makes from her cleaning job at the school is not enough to cover her children’s needs.

“We have difficulties paying for books and school uniforms. But I wish to become a doctor and a poet in the future,” Hussien says. “I hope that Islamic Relief will continue its support.”

The monthly sponsorship money the family receives enables Hussien and his sisters to attend school by covering their tuition fees.

Islamic Relief has also provided coats, scarves, gloves and hats to the family, to help the children keep warm in winter.

“Islamic Relief has supported us financially, and our living conditions have improved, but we still face food and water shortages,” Hussien says.

“When we face difficult times, we must have patience and appreciate everything our beloved mother does for us. My sincere gratitude is extended to Islamic Relief and the donors.”

Damaged schools, dangerous conditions

The ongoing crisis in Yemen has impacted millions of people, but it is children that suffer most.

Children continue to be affected by violent incidents, with hundreds of child casualties being reported in the third quarter of 2022 alone. Explosive devices were responsible for over two-thirds of these incidents, according to the Humanitarian Needs Overview 2023.

Meanwhile, more than 2 million children are now suffering from acute malnutrition – a life-threatening condition if not treated urgently.

Damage to schools and hospitals has significantly impacted children’s development, causing widespread disruption to accessing education and health services. In 2023, UNICEF reported that more than 2.7 million children were out of school.

Support for those most in need

Islamic Relief’s Orphan Sponsorship Programme aims to support the world’s most vulnerable children, providing financial support to those who have lost both parents or a father.

In Yemen, we run the programme across 4 governorates, supporting thousands of orphaned children to access education, healthcare and the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

It is just one part of the work Islamic Relief is doing to support vulnerable people in Yemen amid the ongoing crisis.

We also run nutrition programmes to combat the significant challenge of malnutrition. These programmes provide nutritional supplements to malnourished children, allowing them to regain their strength and health.

In partnership with the World Food Programme, we provided food assistance to over two million vulnerable people in 2022 alone. We also work to empower those in need to build sustainable livelihoods amid challenging circumstances.

Islamic Relief is committed to supporting the people of Yemen towards a brighter future. Please help us to continue our life-saving work. Donate to the Yemen Crisis Appeal

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