A staggering 768 million people worldwide live on less than £1.50 a day.

Displaced from their homes by violence and conflict, battling the effects of climate change and stifled by poverty, for these people, day-to-day living is an immense challenge.

Now, as temperatures continue to fall in many parts of the world, without adequate food, fuel and shelter, these vulnerable individuals are facing an ever greater struggle to survive.

Helping Families Survive the Cold

It’s true that you can’t save everyone in need this winter, but you could help save someone.


You could help save a baby born in the cold

As temperatures drop, so do the chances of survival for babies in displaced and impoverished families. With no defence against the cold, these babies could die this winter.

£18 could provide blankets to keep one baby and its family warm this winter


You could help save a freezing child

Around the world, 385 million children are living in extreme poverty. Orphaned, homeless and hungry, these children will feel the bitter cold this winter.

£60 could provide fuel to keep a child warm this winter


You could help one family get through winter

War and conflict continue to destroy communities worldwide. 65.5 million people have been forced to flee their homes with nothing except the clothes on their backs. They have nothing to sustain them this winter.

£175 could provide one family with a winter survival pack, including food for one month

We need your help

Our teams are on the ground day-in and day-out, serving those in need. From impoverished families across Asia to war-torn communities in Syria and Iraq, we reach those who need us most.

However, we can only do this with your support. This winter, please help us save lives.

Please donate now and help save someone in need.

Just help one this winter

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