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a large group of children in somalia, huddled and smiling

Working with the Scottish Government

Islamic Relief working with the Scottish Government

Each year, the Scottish Government Humanitarian Emergency Fund (HEF) provides a staggering £1 million to humanitarian agencies who are helping to provide emergency support to people and communities facing some of the most dire humanitarian crises in the world.

In 2022, Islamic Relief was one of two agencies to be awarded a share of £250,000 from the Scottish Government Emergency Humanitarian Emergency Fund (HEF) to help provide vital aid to communities in Beledweyn District, Hiran Region, Somalia, who have been struck by a drought that has ravaged the region and has caused widespread devastation. 

Scottish Government funding for Somalia

Image: women from the city of Beledweyn in Somalia, gathering to collect clean water.

Right now, nearly a quarter of a million people in Somalia are facing starvation due to a drought that is the result of four consecutive rainy seasons – the worst drought to have occurred in the region for 40 years.

The drought takes place against a backdrop of a 15-year-long civil war and soaring food prices caused by global inflation – plunging communities into poverty even further.

For people and communities across Somalia who are living on less than £1.50 ($2) a day, or those whose livelihoods depend on agriculture, the situation on the ground is dire. 

Many have had no choice but to abandon their homes in search of food, or consume unsafe, unsanitary water, leading to the spread of waterborne diseases such as cholera and acute watery diarrhoea.

In recognition of Islamic Relief’s commitment to providing emergency assistance to those affected by the hunger crisis in Somalia, the Scottish Government Humanitarian Emergency Fund (HEF) has supported Islamic Relief to provide access to food, improved access to safe water sources, emergency hygiene kits and other basic needs for 2,700 people living across four Internally Displaced People camps in Beledweyn District, Hiran Region, Somalia.

Upon receiving the grant from the Scottish Government Humanitarian Emergency Fund (HEF), Nadeem Baqir, Scotland Regional Manager for Islamic Relief UK, said:

We welcome the Scottish Government’s support for our work in Somalia which comes at a critical time and will help us to ensure more families get the food and hygiene kits they need. Somalia has been hit by failed rains for the fourth year in a row resulting in yet another devastating drought. This has exacerbated the growing hunger crisis alongside the impacts of COVID-19 and the increasing costs of food. Across the country, millions of people are in dire need of food assistance and clean water to ensure their survival. Families who have been displaced and are now living in camps do not have enough to eat and in some cases are having to share the little they receive as there just isn’t enough for everyone.

Learn more about the crisis here. 

Scottish Government funding for Afghanistan

Afghanistan is in the throes of one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world.

The combined impact of years of political strife and instability, natural and climate-crisis related disasters, economic decline and the residual impact of Covid-19 has plunged masses into near abject poverty. 22 million Afghans are headed for acute food insecurity, and 8 million people are just one step away from an extreme scarcity of food.   

The Scottish Government Humanitarian Emergency Fund (HEF) generously awarded Islamic Relief one share of £250,000 towards our life-saving projects in Afghanistan. One project will provide access to food security for 9860 people, with special packages for pregnant/lactating women and malnourished children under five. Islamic Relief will also be supporting through the provision of hygiene kits to 10,395 to help prevent the spread of diseases and Covid-19 and providing hygiene training and promotion to 9860 people on disease prevention. The support provided by

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