90% goes directly on emergency relief and development projects, directly helping people in need

4% supports the delivery of relief
Islamic Relief has a permanent presence in over 40 countries, which means that if there is a disaster, it is a lot cheaper and quicker for us to provide emergency relief, resulting in a more effective use of donations.

Through this support and governance structure, we are able to gain institutional funding, which can enable us to turn a £1 into £5, as we did recently in Kenya for a nutrition project.

3% goes into campaigning on essential issues
We work towards longer lasting solutions to poverty like helping push the government to drop the debt on poorer countries.

3% is used to generate future income

This enables us to raise further funds so that we can help more people in need.

What about Gift Aid?
Gift Aid allows charities to add 25% on top of a donation. We don’t spend the 25% on administration; we spend it on emergency relief and development projects, helping more people in need.

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