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Water for displaced families

3 million people displaced

Security operations in North Western Pakistan caused huge levels of displacement in the area. At the peak of the crisis in April 2009, over 3 million people were displaced in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK).

Tens of thousands of families, roughly half a million people, were registered by the UNHCR to the Bannu District as Temporarily Displaced Persons.

In Bannu, Islamic Relief conducted a detailed assessment which identified non-functional water facilities and contaminated water sources as a priority need to address.

Spread of disease is rife

The situation is further worsened with continuous power shortages and the local government struggling to meet water demands in the area. The spread of infectious disease is also rife due to a lack of basic sanitation and limited awareness of hygiene practices.

Hundreds of families to benefit

When we reached out to you this Ramadan, we asked you to support our water projects. Thanks to the amazing response we had, we’re able to provide clean and safe water to hundreds of families in Bannu.

The funds you donated can now rehabilitate contaminated water sources. We also aim to install solar powered water systems and water storage tanks in five different villages to benefit various communities without having to rely on a stable power source.

All those attending the hygiene-awareness sessions in the community will also be provided with hygiene kits for their families to help mitigate the spread of disease and to promote the positive impact this has on disease control.

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