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Voices on the ground from Pakistan’s flood crisis

Catastrophic flash flooding in Pakistan has left one-third of the country underwater, affecting more than 33 million people. 

Donate to our Pakistan Floods Appeal now and help save lives.

According to local authorities the death toll has surpassed 1,200, with over 12,500 injured and millions displaced.

The floods have left over 6 million people in urgent need of humanitarian aid. Many are struggling to survive, particularly in Balochistan and Sindh provinces which are the hardest hit areas.

Islamic Relief is responding to the crisis, distributing vital aid and working with the local government to help communities recover from the disaster.

Shattered lives and shocking stories 

Below are some heartbreaking accounts from those whose lives have been torn apart:

Ubaid Ullah 

“I live in Killi Bato, District Nushki of Balochistan. I live in poor conditions with my 5 children. 

“It was just before the Maghrib Adhaan that the downpour made us worried. Realising the intensity of the rain, I rushed back from a nearby hotel.

“I saw villagers evacuating their homes in whatever way possible. When the water receded, our house had fallen which made us homeless. 

“Islamic Relief have come here to help us in our time of need and provided us with a tent and kitchen set. I built the tent after Maghrib prayer using a small light bulb. This lightbulb is our only hope. 

“We lost everything. I do not know how long we will continue living like this. I recite quran and darood whenever fear grips me”. 

Abdul Qadir 

“It was immensely dry weather for too long in our area. 

“But then a cloud burst. It rained for five hours and it left nothing behind. 

“Now I have lost everything and have nothing to live with.

“My polytunnel was destroyed. 

“We simply lost everything”. 

Khan Bibi 

“The recent floods ruined everything in my village- Mian Khanzai, Punjpai. 

“I have never witnessed such flooding in my entire life”. 

Naseeb Ullah

“I am from Mian Khanzai village. 

“A few days ago, it rained heavily for four hours which caused severe damage. Meanwhile, I fled to a safer place with my family of 7. 

“We lost everything we had. Our garden helped us cut-down on our household expenses, but we lost that too. 

“Now we are living under the sky, with hopes of having our home back”. 

Said Nawab 

“I am a mother-of-8 from Dera Ismail Khan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

“The floods destroyed our home and we are now living in a temporary hut. We have been living here for three days. 

“I was unable to save any of my belongings amid the devastating floods, not even a single cup. 

“Islamic Relief provided us with food, a tant and kitchen set. This is the first time I have received a relief package from any organisation. This package will help me and my family and allow us to meet our needs for the next few days”. 

Please help us to support vulnerable families 

Sadly, there are millions of people like this, whose lives have been devastated and for whom the future feels bleak and uncertain. 

To make matters even worse,the situation is expected to deteriorate with more rainfall expected. 

Affected families are in urgent need of support. We desperately need help to meet the ongoing and immediate needs of those who have been affected.

Please support the Pakistan Floods Appeal. Donate Now.

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