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Uncle’s exploits inspire 12 children from one East London Muslim family to take on Blenheim triathlon for charity

Uncle’s exploits inspire 12 children from one East London Muslim family to take on Blenheim triathlon for charity

The family are raising funds for Islamic Relief orphan projects and the children have made a charming YouTube video about their adventure, put together by Afsar’s niece Tanzila (14) and his sister Tia (13) – see .

The close-knit Chaudhury family all live within half a mile of each other in Forest Gate. Afsar, 29, works as an IT network consultant for a company called Touchbase.

The Blenheim Palace Triathlon consists of a 750m swim in Blenheim Palace lake, followed by a 20km cycle and a 5km run. The Chaudhury children will take part in Blenheim’s parallel duathlon for children, which involves cycling and running over shorter distances (see note to editors below for full details of the distances each child will be covering).

Last year’s main race was won in just 57 minutes by brothers Alistair and Jonny Brownlee, who went on to claim Olympic gold and bronze triathlon medals later in the summer. Afsar managed a creditable 1 hour and 41 minutes.

Swimming is usually his strongest suit, but not in Blenheim Palace lake. “It sounds great but the lake is freezing and your body screams at you,” he says. “That part is definitely my nemesis. I wasn’t going to do it again but I took my nephews and nieces there last year and that helped motivate us all to go for it in 2013.”


For photos of the Chaudhury family or to arrange an interview with Afsar, Tanzila and Tia, contact Martin Cottingham on 07702-940982 ([email protected]) or Beverley Cohen on 07921-655272 ([email protected]).


· Afsar and his family can be sponsored via .

· Islamic Relief’s video about orphan sponsorship is at .

· The Chaudhury children will be covering five different distances in the Blenheim duathlon. Yasin 3), Summayah (3) and Ismail (4) will do a small run, a cycle and then another small run. Rayhaan and Ejaaz (both 5) will do a 350-metre run, then a 350-metre cycle, then a final 200-metre run. Imani (6) and Tayyibah (7) will run 350 metres, cycle 700 metres and run a further 350 metres. Ibrahim (8), Raeesah (9) and Zahir (9) will run 700 metres, cycle 1,150 metres and run a further 350 metres. Tia (13) and Tanzila (14) will complete a 700-metre run, a 1,450-metre cycle and a 350-metre run.

· The Blenheim Palace Triathlon website is www.theblenheimtriathlon.comand the children’s duathlon page is .

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