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UK Qurbani pilot hailed a big success

UK Qurbani pilot hailed a big success

In the blessed days of Eid al-Adha, Islamic Relief distributed Qurbani meat to Muslims and non-Muslims in the UK for the first time. Thanks to the generosity of donors, we were able to deliver Qurbani in nine towns and cities: Birmingham, Bolton, Bradford, Coventry, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Walsall.

273 Qurbanis distributed

To make sure we reached  those most in need, we worked with two partner organisations to distribute the 273 Qurbanis provided through your generosity.

Our partnership with National Zakat Foundation (NZF) enabled us to distribute meat to individual households struggling to make ends meet. Qurbani meat was also distributed to the elderly, homeless and other people in need through FareShare via distribution points such as care homes, soup kitchens and homeless shelters etc.

One in five parents skipping meals to feed their children

Ahmed Uddin, Islamic Relief’s UK Programmes Coordinator, says: “It is a worrying sign that food banks are becoming a permanent feature in the UK – it has become the norm. This year, during the summer holidays, one in five parents skipped a meal so that they could feed their children.

“Food poverty is a real concern for us at Islamic Relief. We worked in partnership with leading charities to provide much needed meat during our Qurbani campaign. We hope to continue to expand our work tackling poverty and social exclusion in the UK in 2017.”

Thanks to your generosity, through our UK Qurbani programme we have been able to assist over a thousand individuals who struggle to make ends meet. Inspired by our Islamic values, Islamic Relief UK remains committed to providing assistance to whoever is in need, whether thousands of miles away, or right here in the UK.

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