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view of trekking path at mount snowdon

Trekking Snowdon at night: The low-down!

On August Bank Holiday Weekend, 135 brave participants took part in Snowdon Sunrise. They trekked to the summit of Snowdon – the highest peak in England and Wales, and all in the cover of the night! With only their head torch to guide them, participants reached the summit in time for dawn.

So far, the trek has raised almost £40,000!

group of participants taking part in snowdon sunrise with islamic relief

Funds raised will go towards our lifesaving water projects which provide struggling communities with sources of clean, safe drinking water and sanitation.  

Across the globe, a staggering 785 million people are going thirsty each and every day. Without safe and clean water to drink, these people are at risk of dehydration, disease, and at worse: death.  The funds raised from the Trek will be a vital means of survival for so many who don’t have access to this basic human necessity.

Let’s hear what participants have to say about the eventful night!

As someone who was climbing Snowdon for the first time, I would like to say that the preparation and advice building up to the climb on the day was really useful- from the equipment, training and communication in regards to coach drop off and pick up points. Overall this was an amazing experience and the hikers that attended on the day were super friendly and supportive. Everyone was looking out for one another and keeping each other motivated during the hike. Also it was nice to see the IRUK director joining us on the day and giving us all a pep talk. I would definitely recommend going again with IIslamic Relief. Full arrangements were made from mountain guides during the hike, to snacks when we completed the hike.

Hamza S.

It was my first time doing the Snowdon sunrise challenge with Islamic relief and I can say that it was by far a unique experience to remember. Despite obstacles and challenges faced along the way, I was grateful to be surrounded by strong-willed individuals who understood the purpose of why and whom we were doing this challenge for which motivated me to keep on going. In fact, every person I passed or had met on the trek demonstrated moments of pure love, soul and support. I signed up for the challenge with Nishat who is a volunteer for Islamic Relief, and together we made unforgettable memories along the way. There was no light except for our headlights and the moonlight to guide us through the night as well as unforeseen weather conditions . It was a beautiful experience filled with sisterhood spirit, reassurance & hope that made me forget each moment of hardship that we had endured along the way. Even after the trek, on our route home, we pondered over the struggles people face worldwide every single day of their lives whilst we are in the comfort of our own homes which made us realise that this was more than just a challenge but a lesson to take home. Right now the challenge for us is over, but for those across the globe it is constant. May Islamic relief continue to be that beacon of hope for those who are in need of our support.

Hafsa Kyro Rehman, Birmingham.

Mentally and physically challenging yet extremely humbling at the same time

Saad, London.

I always admire how much support everyone gives each other when working with your groups. It's so lovely to see. I do so many open groups that just don't help each other and just focus on themselves and getting summit fever!

Felicity, Peak Adventures.

Islamic Relief would like to extend our special thanks to all participants and those who have generously sponsored them. Well done to all- you made it!

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