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The Power of Zakat

Did you know that Zakat has the ability to eradicate poverty?  – That’s right! The annual alms required of Muslims that are eligible to pay it, has the power to wipe out poverty across the world, SubhanAllah. This is the power of Zakat.

The UN states that $300 billion is what it will take to achieve the first two Sustainable Development Goals, which are to end extreme poverty and hunger globally.

Well, if everyone around the world gave just 2.5% of their wealth as Zakat, we could all end poverty!


The Origin of Zakat

Over 1400 years ago, the beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) revealed Islam to humanity. With the message came comprehensive guides and obligations for Muslims to live their lives by, covering everything from diet to finances – full of wisdom for the ages!

Zakat is one such obligation. Every Muslim who is eligible to pay Zakat must donate 2.5% of their surplus wealth to those who are eligible to receive it. Unlike other forms of charity in Islam, there are rules around who can pay it and who can receive it. Furthermore, this divine credence ensures that wealth is redistributed to those in need, fairly. Zakat is also different from Zakat al-Fitr or Fitrana, which is incumbent upon all Muslims no matter their eligibility.

 Some of the rules around Zakat include:

  • The amount of Zakat you must pay is 2.5% of your surplus wealth.
  • Your Zakat is due on everything that is deemed to be in surplus of your basic needs, and includes any gold, silver, extra homes or cars that you own out of leisure.
  • You must have had ownership of the Nisab (minimum amount of wealth) for one lunar year.
  • There are eight categories of people in need that are eligible to receive Zakat.
  • Your Zakat must be paid as soon as it is due – meaning when you reach the anniversary of holding your Nisab for one lunar year. It does not have to be paid during a specific time such as Ramadan.

You can read everything you need to know about Zakat by using our free, downloadable Zakat Guide.


The Power of Zakat

Through Zakat, Muslims are taught that those who are less wealthy and in need have a right over those who have wealth. It also teaches humanity that together, we ultimately have the power to eradicate the evils of this world – including poverty.

Ending poverty might not be simple, but it can be. Conflict, climate change and basic human greed are some of the root causes for poverty around the world. These are challenging to tackle, but it is possible.

By empowering ourselves with the knowledge of how to donate Zakat, we can empower those who are most in need.


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