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The Love of Allah (SWT) Is All around Us

Last week we launched our Ramadan campaign and this year’s bolder than ever. We’re calling on you to save a life for the love of Allah (SWT). The holy month of Ramadan is a period of great sacrifice, reflection and reward, so what better time than this to give your Zakat and Sadaqah for the love of Allah Almighty?

Last year we told you who we are and what we do: we save lives – after all that’s what Islamic Relief was founded for in 1984. This year however, we’re explaining why we do what we do – we do it for the love of Allah (SWT). And this is true not just to Islamic Relief, but also to our donors and supporters, who have been instrumental in helping us save lives, be it with their donations, hours of volunteering for great causes, or words of encouragement for the work we do. The month of Ramadan is a great time for spiritual renewal and striving, so it’s great to remind ourselves of our intentions, our purpose and our duty to Allah (SWT).

With that in mind, for maximum impact, we’ve launched a poster promotion with our call to action splashed across public transport all through the UK including London, Manchester and Glasgow. What a great way to spread this message of love and hope loudly and clearly – this Ramadan join us in saving lives for the love of Allah!

Launched last Monday, we’ve since been asking you to tweet us and tag us in your photos of our posters across your city!

Here’s a few:


So, if you see a huge “For the love of Allah” across your local bus, join us in action and give us a shout! Keep tagging, tweeting and helping us to save lives.

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