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Children sit on rubble during Pakistan Floods

The Humanitarian Situation in Pakistan Spirals out of Control Following an Abnormal Monsoon Season

Over 4.2 million people have been affected by the deadly floods in Pakistan in the worst climate disaster in a decade. Unprecedented heavy monsoon continues to devastate and displace vulnerable communities across the country. One million people have lost their houses, and the death toll from the five weeks of rains has reached 903, half of whom are children and women.

The floods exacerbated the country’s financial crisis after millions lost their businesses and livelihood. Twelve million acres of crops have been submerged underwater, ruining the harvest season and causing a massive shortage of staples such as rice and flour, vegetables, and fruits in the markets.

Food prices have soared, subsequently adding a significant burden on families who are already struggling to survive this disaster. Vegetable and essential food commodities have doubled in prices, which is unusual in this season.

Balochistan remains one of the most affected regions in the country. Over 3,000km of road has been damaged or destroyed making access to affected areas a challenge.

Asif Shirazi, Islamic Relief’s Pakistan Country Director, has visited some of the affected communities in Balochistan;  

The rainy season started on the 14th of June, a month earlier than usual, and took residents by surprise as no one anticipated it. Severe flooding destroyed the entire infrastructure systems in the province, including schools, hospitals, roads, and properties. Thousands of families have been displaced and live now in makeshift tents or fragile old buildings that could collapse at any moment.

The misery increased with every passing day as the rain continued to inundate the province, and markets ran out of tents forcing many people to sleep in the open air. The majority of residents are farmers who lost their lands and livestock to the floods and are in desperate need of help which has been challenging to deliver because the region was completely cut off for some time.

The health situation is at significant risk as well. There has been an increase in diarrhoea and other acute watery diseases, and in the absence of a functional healthcare system, many people could lose their lives.

The situation is equally awful in other regions, too. In the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region, entire villages were washed away after severe flash floods continued for days. Water levels in rivers had increased to dangerous levels, and residents were evacuated. Many water dams across the country have collapsed, which has worsened the situation.

The damage to business and public infrastructure across the country is massive. It is worse than the 2010 floods, which destroyed a fifth of the country. Relief efforts across the country have been very challenging because the continuing rain has made it impossible to reach many places.

The humanitarian situation is terrible and could deteriorate without immediate international intervention.


Notes to editors

Islamic Relief Pakistan initially planned to help 30,000 people but now aims to help 10% of the total number affected by the floods. We have distributed 800 food packs to the affected communities, 155 tents, 1070 hygiene kits, 900 kitchen sets and 1,120 Multipurpose CASH grant.

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