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Be the generation of change in 2015

Be the generation of change in 2015

I’ve always been passionate about change, but it’s been slightly difficult to know how to go about doing that, until I was given an opportunity that you could say changed my life. It’s not everyday you get asked if you’d like to be part of a campaign that represents pretty much all the youth in the country.

Action 2015 is a global campaign that is supported by thousands of charities, urging world leaders to do their part and fulfil goals they vowed to achieve as a collective. It is a campaign that includes everyone and represents even minorities, ensuring basic rights for all – and that’s the beauty of it.

Travelling alone to Central London with a full rucksack and no idea of what to expect was nerve-racking, but once I met Lotifa and made our way to the Cabinet Room everything started to become reality. We were given T-Shirts and badges to start campaigning straight away, and time to get to know the rest of our “Action 2015” team. It was crazy – we were all so different but the same purpose brought us together.

When meeting politicians, we had the chance to ask questions in private meetings between the young people and the politicians. We asked questions about how they would reduce poverty, inequality, education and climate change significantly if they were to get into power. Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and David Cameron promised to make all the change they possibly could in the next 15 years to make the world a better place.


The time flew past; it was so action-packed and we managed to achieve so much in so little time (Including several politicians promise to do what we demanded!) I enjoyed every bit of the experience, but I’ve also learnt so much about the world and how we are responsible for change:

The world is literally your oyster. Only after taking every opportunity that comes your way can you really say you have done your bit in society.

Talking to people creates understanding. Interacting and socialising with different faiths and backgrounds is your opportunity to co-operate with each other and clear any misconceptions the media may have spread about you.

We’re all actually the same. Despite the fact that we have differences in culture and religion, most humans generally have the same ethics – both environmental and social.

I feel like enough of us are not going forward to represent our communities in world-changing decisions. After explaining to others why we do certain things, you’d be surprised by the support and respect people immediately give you.

When leaving 10 Downing Street and bidding goodbye to all the different people I had created amazing friendships with, Lotifa had informed me she was able to secure an interview for me at Islam Channel. I was nervous at first but I’ve got to say, it was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. The presenters were so informal and welcoming and the whole atmosphere was so much fun! I could not have done any of it without Lotifa who literally got me into Action 2015 in the first place, filled out most of the paperwork and was guiding me all the way. I am truly grateful to know someone so genuine and cool.

Overall, it’s been a phenomenal experience! I savoured every moment of endless opportunities (including first class treatment throughout) of meeting new people and of understanding and achieving world change.

After all, we are the next generation, the next world leaders and the heroes of tomorrow.

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