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The essence of Charity Week

The essence of Charity Week

We are living in times where we wake up to tragic news every single day. A murder, a catastrophe, a natural disaster, civil war, injustice, racial attacks, massacres, and genocide – we cannot ignore it, even if we try. I have always believed that the religion of Islam is much about humanity as it is about ourselves as individuals. As Muslims, we carry the responsibility for our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, our children – the Ummah, those in need of our help. Islam preaches kindness through the beautiful sunnah of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him). It encourages humility, brotherhood and for us to strive to stand with each other by supporting one another.

Living in such a bleak world, though, can take its toll on you. We are desensitised by what we see in the media – bombs dropping, innocent lives being taken, those with pure hearts suffering in the most unjust ways. I have always wondered how people take news in, because some choose to live in the bliss of ignorance whilst others are overcome with a feeling of helplessness. It is so easy for us to feel helpless and unsure of what we can do. But there is something we can do, and what we can do can not only helps those in need, but it can help us and our communities too. How? By bringing us *together*.

When I first got involved with Charity Week, I had little knowledge of how far the unity created by thousands of youths and communities could reach. For me, it was a cake sale, wearing a t-shirt, buying (eating) and selling Krispy Kremes, or shaking a bucket. Yes, that *is* Charity Week, but this is just a part of it. It was only when I joined the team that I realised the hard work behind the scenes building up to this one incredible week.

Students, graduates, and those with a million other commitments work together across cities and regions in order to make this happen. People make time for a phone call, an email, a meeting and planning across the whole year for Charity Week. Not forgetting the volunteers across our institutions and in the community that do all they can – from bake sales to mountain climbs, bungee jumping and sky diving. These guys really make it happen and without them, Charity Week wouldn’t be what it is today. We wouldn’t have come this far without Allah’s blessings, and without this unity, this responsibility that we carry.

And what have we achieved? Over £3.5 million has been raised to date, including £732,571.47 being raised this year alone! This is the true power of unity and I am humbled and grateful to be a part of the vision. To know that I am amongst those that Allah chose to help this Ummah, the orphans and the needy children. Knowing that I can contribute in deciding on where the money we raised is empowering. It makes me feel like I too can make a change. And I can, by doing my part, helping in any little way I can, and by uniting and standing for something. You too, can get involved and join in the unity.


We have a responsibility towards those in need and towards each other, and we can only make a difference when we stand and work together. Email us at [email protected] and help the unity grow!

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