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The Day of Innocence

All across the world, innocent people are suffering the effects of ongoing conflict. From Syria, Palestine, Philippines and Yemen, the list goes on…

With civilians caught in the crossfire, millions of families have been left displaced, injured and in desperate need of critical aid. Mothers, fathers and children are struggling without food, shelter or psychosocial support and they are not sure whether they’ll survive from one day to the next.

That’s why on Monday 11th March 2019, we’re marking The Day of Innocence – a day in which we remember the innocent civilians caught in conflicts across the globe. This month not only marks the fourth anniversary of the conflict in Yemen, but also the eighth anniversary of the Syrian conflict.

In times of war, it’s civilians who pay the highest price. This must stop; too many innocent lives have been taken away. Here at Islamic Relief, we’re calling our supporters to join us in saying “Not one more life”.

Mohammed “Aerosol” Ali

To mark the Day of Innocence we’re creating a piece of public art which will reflect the experiences of refugee children, forced to flee their homes due to the Syrian war. Muslim Graffiti artist, Mohammed “Aerosol” Ali, recently visited Lebanon, where he spent time working with Syrian refugee children at a community centre run by Islamic Relief.

The children are taking part in an educational programme which uses art, drama and music to develop life skills, nurture social cohesion and help participants overcome trauma.

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