Dare to Jump 160ft? Take on a charity Bungee Jump!

Prepare for a truly unique and exhilarating experience; taking a leap off a 160ft platform! Take on a bungee jump this charity week.

Your jump will give you an exhilarating rush, your adrenaline will pump and your heart will pound as you freefall through the sky.

Do you Dare to take the Jump?


Date: Saturday 17th October

Meeting Point: The Riverside Museum, G3 8RS

Meeting Time: 3:30pm

Registration Fee: £29

Minimum Sponsorship: £250

*Note transport will not be provided for this challenge


Date: Sunday 25th October

Meeting Point:Salford Watersports Centre, M50 3SQ

Meeting Time: 2:30pm

Registration Fee: £29

Minimum Sponsorship: £250

*Note transport will not be provided for this challenge


Date: Sunday 25th October

Meeting Point: The O2 Coach Park, SE10 0DX

Meeting Time: 1:30pm

Registration Fee: £49

Minimum Sponsorship: £250

*Note transport will not be provided for this challenge


Date: Sunday 22nd November

Meeting Point: Cliff Lakes Waterpark, B78 2DL

Meeting Time: 3pm

Registration Fee: £29

Minimum Sponsorship: £250

*Note transport will not be provided for this challenge 

Giving children a chance through Charity Week

A staggering 1 in 5 children worldwide live in extreme poverty. And that’s why Charity Week is so important!

A 100% volunteer-led campaign in support of orphans and needy children, Charity Week last year raised a monumental £1.35 million to help children across the globe in desperate need of our support.

Running from 26th October to 1st November, this yearly week of action is the time when we call on YOU to get online, get outdoors and get fundraising to help children in need!

Supporting children in need – take on a charity bungee jump

At Islamic Relief, we don’t believe in simply providing one-off care to support children and orphans in need. We instead invest in children’s long-term futures, supporting their families, carers and local communities to provide long-lasting safe sustainable solutions to poverty and inequality.

We work to provide child-friendly safe spaces, empower communities and develop long-term solutions to poverty and critical issues such as human trafficking (child labour) and child marriage.

We support children across the globe in a variety of ways, including:

  • Sponsoring orphaned children across the globe, providing schooling, regular meals and financial support for carers/families
  • Providing Syrian refugee children with critical education, housing and nutritional support
  • Offering critical food aid to severely malnourished children in conflict-fuelled Yemen
  • Ensuring that children living with disabilities and the trauma of war in Gaza can access critical medical and psychosocial care
  • Developing integrated child-friendly villages in Mali, offering new classrooms and teaching materials, latrines for both boys and girls, water wells and microdams to provide a source of clean safe water for everyone and critically: the means to earn an income

By providing nutritional serviceshealth carewater solutionseducation and family livelihood support, as well as striving to tackle critical issues including gender-based violence, child labour and climate change with affect local communities and in particular young girls, we’re not only transforming futures; we’re saving lives.

Save a life today, support Charity Week and help orphans and needy children today.

Fundraising Ideas*

Smarties: Buy 20 tubes of Smarties and give them to 20 of your friends. Your one condition? Once they’ve enjoyed the Smarties, they return the tubes back to you filled with as many £1 coins as they can collect in a week. You’d be surprised how much you can raise using this tactic!

Bake Sale: A true classic. How about adding a theme to your fundraiser depending on the cause you’re raising for? E.g. a blue theme if you’re fundraising to provide clean water. Or you could really go for it, sell other homemade delights alongside your delicious baked goods like milkshakes, smoothies or classic desserts (trifle, cake & custard etc.).

Car Wash: Probably the most fun thing you could do, and all you need is water, a bucket, a sponge and some car shampoo. You could do this at your school or workplace, or you could even ask a local business to let you use their grounds/car park. Try make it more interesting by doing it in fancy dress and get your family and friends in on all the fun!

Click here for more fundraising ideas

*Please follow government guidelines for your locality in light of the coronavirus pandemic 


Email us on challenges@islamic-relief.org.uk with any questions or for any further information about the charity bungee jump. We’re here to support 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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