Ruqaya’s parents were murdered when she was just 13-years-old, by men who stormed their family home.

At just 17, she has no choice but to take on the role of mother for her younger siblings..

She is one of millions of orphaned and displaced children who have been caught up in Syria’s brutal conflict.

Without your help, many of these children are at risk of becoming child brides, labourers and being exploited.

Right now, Islamic Relief is setting up safe havens for children, many of whom who have no memory beyond this cruel conflict.

We are rebuilding classrooms, providing school equipment and paying salaries for teachers, so that displaced children have access to an education – a basic human right that we often take for granted.

We are providing essential psychosocial support to children deeply affected by years of conflict. Creating a safe space for children to receive the right support, and an education to rebuild their prospects for the future.

No child should have to experience the horrors that Ruqaya has lived through.

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£100 can provide school kits for two children

£170 can educate a child for a school year

£1,600 can provide a teacher’s salary for a school year

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