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Supporting Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Supporting Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Jihad Hussein, 38 years old, illiterate, is one of the thousands of Syrians in Jordan who roam the streets, looking for a job to secure his family’s daily needs, each day is a constant hustle to survive; they are economically challenged.


Jihad told us: “My family has 19 people, all huddled in one room that costs 150JD (£125) and has no ventilation. We left Syria desperately looking for a safe haven, away from explosives and shrapnel. It took us 18 months to reach the Jordan border and we made it to Za’atari Camp on 1 October 2012. Syrian refugees are banned from working in the local labor market, which is monitored by the “Workers Control Authority”, so we have no source of income other than the food vouchers. I really cannot afford to sustain life”.


We have been able to provide Jihad’s family, now living in a host community in north Jordan with food vouchers each month, and clothes vouchers to face the winter cold which was described as the worst in the last two decades. Beyond that, we have also provided people in need with winterization kits that included heaters, clothes vouchers and blankets.


Jihad’s mother said: “I am speechless. In the past, we used to sell the food vouchers provided by Islamic Relief, but we don’t have to anymore, as our commodities are secured. Now, we are enjoying our winter as if we were back home. My big concern was my grandchildren. Alhamdulillah they are now wearing wool clothes. I have saved money. Our debts are repaid. In the name of the Syrian refugees in Jordan, we are asking Islamic Relief to continue their support of Syrians in Jordan to enable them to live in dignity. Islamic Relief treats every individual as an independent and true entity. Our gratitude is addressed for everyone at Islamic Relief.”


Islamic Relief  aims to support people towards a stronger position of future resilience and recovery. Islamic principles guide Islamic Relief’s work in Jordan and approach to implement quality projects to assist the poor and most destitute communities in Jordan.

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