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Students across the UK help to raise over £1.4million for Charity Week, despite the pandemic

Record-breaking amount of money raised in Charity Week’s history

Thousands of students across the UK and overseas have raised over a million pounds for children across the world for international charity Islamic Relief.

In the UK alone, a phenomenal £878,000 was raised through a week of Covid-safe activities such as virtual auctions, where items such as toilet paper were auctioned off for £1k, a hand sanitiser for £600, a cake for £8k, and a can of fizzy drink for £2.3k.

A ‘2020 Challenge’ was also set during the week, in which fundraisers were asked to pick a challenge like walking, running or cycling, apply the number 20 to it and ask for sponsorship. This also included people avoiding sugar, becoming vegan, doing 20 push-ups or going carb-free for 20 days.

Charity Week takes place between 26 October and 1 November. It involves student Islamic Societies, schools, colleges and the general public up and down the country donating their time, energy and goodwill to raise money for Islamic Relief.

Charity Week began as an annual volunteer-led campaign launched by a group of students in London back in 2003. Over the years it has raised over ten million pounds. Funds raised go to emergency and long-term care for children in some of the world’s poorest places and fragile environments, like Gaza, Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan.

Tufail Hussain, Director of Islamic Relief UK, said:

“It is truly amazing what has been achieved during Charity Week this year, especially during this difficult time.

“With the challenges of fundraising during the pandemic and not being able to raise money through dinners, treks and bucket collections, our inspiring volunteers from all over the world have still managed to excel and fundraise for some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

“Every year during Charity week, I always feel inspired seeing the energy and compassion that young people show for others. It gives me hope for the future. Charity Week is a practical example of what happens when people decide that they will put aside their differences and work together to build a better, more hopeful world.”


For more information and interviews, please contact Jonaid Jilani, Media Manager: [email protected] or 07872 403534.

About Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief is a faith-inspired, development and humanitarian agency working to transform and save the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in over 40 countries. Islamic Relief assists people according to need and does not discriminate in any way.

Set up in Birmingham in 1984 by a group of volunteers, we have assisted over 117 million people all over the world. We’re saving lives and empowering people to lift themselves out of poverty in over 40 countries – from Bangladesh to Bosnia, Pakistan to Palestine, Kenya to Kosovo.  Islamic Relief is on the ground in some of the world’s most dangerous and difficult places – including Syria and Yemen – strengthening the most marginalised communities to withstand conflict and natural disasters and to build a brighter future. We also support vulnerable people in the UK in partnership with local charities and organisations.

About Charity Week

Charity Week is one of the world’s largest volunteer-led Charity campaigns. It started in London in 2003 with one student collecting funds in a shoebox; it has now grown to be an international annual fundraising and engagement event taking place across the globe. With more than £9 million raised in the last 16 years, Charity Week is fast becoming one of Islamic Relief’s most exciting campaigns, with over 5,000 students participating directly in the campaign. Funds raised have assisted orphans and vulnerable children in 28 countries worldwide. This year Charity Week takes place between 26 October and 1 November, though people fundraise before then too.

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