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a young girl in pakistan smiling an hugging her eid gift

Spreading joy in Bangladesh and Pakistan with Eid gifts

Distributing gifts to vulnerable children

A widespread tradition of Eid-al-Fitr is the exchanging of gifts, known as Eidi or Eidiya. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) encouraged this practice saying:

Give gifts to one another, you will love each other.

Hadith | Al Mufrad

For children, receiving Eid gifts is unsurprisingly a key highlight of the day and many look forward to being spoilt by parents and relatives.

Every year Islamic Relief runs a global programme to provide Eid gifts to children whose caregivers are unable to do so, giving them something to smile about while they face difficult circumstances.

These gifts provide children with useful items such as Eid clothes, school bags and other educational equipment. We also provide gifts which will simply be enjoyed by children, such as toys, balloons and sweets.

Bringing joy to Bangladesh

In the district of Jamalpur, Bangladesh where the bitter shadow of poverty lingers, Islamic Relief Bangladesh distributed 625 Eid gift packs to vulnerable families.

child and mother in bangladesh smiling after receiving eid gifts

These packs, filled with essential items like sugar, rice, noodles, chocolates, school bags, traditional garments (Lungi’s, Sarees etc) and even art supplies, became a source of pure delight for families who couldn’t afford new things for Eid. 

Supporting communities in Sindh 

We also  distributed Eid gifts to families recovering from devastating floods in Dadu, Sindh. The gifts included new clothes and school bags, providing children and their families with an opportunity to experience the joy of Eid.

Our children will be celebrating Eid this year like everyone else, and we cannot be any happier," expressed a mother who was worried about getting her children new clothes.

words of a mother who was worried about getting her children new clothes.

children in pakistan smiling after receiving eid gifts

These stories from Bangladesh and Pakistan emphasise the true essence of Eid gifts. Beyond material value, these gestures represent acts of compassion, unity, and shared happiness. They serve as a reminder that even the simplest gifts can make a significant difference in the lives of those facing difficulties.

As we celebrate Eid and reflect on these stories, let us be inspired to continue the tradition of giving gifts and extending a helping hand to those in need.

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