Severe flash flooding across South Asia has claimed over 800 lives according to recent news reports.

This figure is likely to rise as many areas are inaccessible. Thousands of people are still missing and presumed dead.

Entire districts across South Asia have been submerged, directly affecting millions of people, most of whom have been forced to evacuate their homes.

In Bangladesh and India, over 10 million people have been affected by the floods

The situation in Bihar, India, is particularly bad due to the existing poverty and the sudden rapid onset of the floods which caught whole communities unaware.

Akmal Shareef, Islamic Relief’s Head of Mission in India, is from Bihar, one of the worst-affected regions. He told us:

“It’s absolutely heart-wrenching. So many people are traumatised at losing their loved ones and millions of people are now living under open skies on the highway, with nothing!”

“Our staff on the ground have heard about whole families being swept away by the floods and the landslides. It’s so painful.”

“In Kishanganj in Bihar, the water rose from 3-10 feet in only four hours and people were fleeing for their lives. I have not known this to happen in more than 40 years. My brother-in law’s house was under water for five days.”

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