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close-up of a child's face in Yemen

“Some children do not have food and they have to work, but I am lucky”

Supporting Yemen’s children

Islamic Relief’s child welfare programming transforms the lives of many vulnerable children. We have sponsored over 6,000 orphaned children in Yemen, giving their families a regular stipend toward their basic needs and schooling.

Seeing education as essential to building a brighter future, we improve access to quality preschool and basic education and target schools with water, sanitation and hygiene interventions. Islamic Relief mainstreams child protection and also provides vital counselling support to vulnerable children.

Wherever possible we integrate our support with other projects, such as providing vocational training and livelihood support to their guardians, offering health check-ups, and distributing food, Eid gifts and essential winter survival items.

Fadhl’s story

“My father died in 2006 but life was good before the war,” says Fadhl, who lives with his mother and seven siblings in Sa’ada’s Old City. “My brothers used to provide for us, but since the war broke out they don’t have regular work.”

The family fled the city in 2015. When they returned two years later they found their home in a poor state. Every window was broken, and the second floor badly damaged. They cannot afford the repairs.

“We have only solar energy for lighting, we don’t use washing machines and don’t watch TV. The solar energy is barely enough for two hours after sunset, so we sleep early,” adds Fadhl.

“My three eldest brothers work in a workshop and they struggle to provide us with the basic food we need. Sometimes they don’t have any work so they cannot help. They are married and they need to provide for their families as well as us.”

Then, Fadl was enrolled in the Islamic Relief orphan sponsorship scheme. As a result the family receive a regular stipend which is a lifeline, helping to meet their basic needs and making sure the children can continue going to school.

Fadhl holding his new Eid clothes
Image: Fadhl collecting his new Eid clothes provided by Islamic Relief
If we did not receive help from Islamic Relief, I would have to stop studying and look for work to help my family. There are many children in the same situation, and some of them face worse conditions than me


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