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Somalia: Water project saves the lives of over 7,000 villagers

Rad and Lako villages in Puntland Somalia’s Sanag region were among those hardest affected by the recent drought leading to lack of a permanent water source or borehole. In response to this, Islamic Relief initiated the Reliable Water for Sanag (RWAS) project.

The RWAS project involved drilling of a new borehole with a depth of 330m and outfitted it with casings, screens, gravel pack, submersible pump with cable, water level sensor, raised Galvanized Iron (GI) pipes, 20 cubic meter elevated water tank and animal troughs, as well as solar system power for its operation to use cost effective and environmentally friendly power sources.

a solar powered borehole in somalia built by islamic relief

Safiya Ali, a 48-year-old mother of two children (a girl and a boy), was among those who benefited from the drilled well in Rad/Lako areas. She said:

We are really excited about this new borehole that Islamic relief dug for us, as we did not have a borehole in our villages before. We now have plenty of clean water for drinking, cooking, and washing. We are truly grateful to everyone who contributed to this remarkable support for the people of Somalia.

Safiya Ali.

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