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Somalia: Supporting drought-affected families

In Somalia, many people rely on agriculture to make a living. However, climate change has meant unreliable rainfall and drought.

With a lack of water for animals, many families lose their livelihoods and are worrying about how they’ll earn a living and feed their families as livestock perish.


Meet Hamdi: Displaced by drought

Hamdi is 35 years old and mother to ten children. She has been living in a camp with her children and husband since 2011 and the Horn of Africa drought, which severely affected Somalia.

During the drought, the family sadly lost their goats and cows. As a result, they had to leave their home and move to Belet Weyne in search of a better life.

The family joined the Ceynte camp for displaced people where they remain today. The family live in a small hut made of sticks and clothes which provides them with very little protection from the heat of the sun during the day and the coldness of the night.

In terms of income, the family relies on what little money the father can earn from casual work, which is not consistently available.

Hamdi spends her time looking after her family and is breastfeeding her youngest son who’s just five months old. Occasionally she is able to do some housework and laundry for some of the families in town.

Alhamdulillah, our team stepped in to support Hamdi and her family.

In May 2020, we provided the family with a semi-permanent shelter, to give them a dignified life with enough protection from all weather conditions:

We are very grateful to Islamic Relief and the funders of this wonderful gift to my family; we really enjoy the new house and this gives us a lot of happiness. (Hamdi)

Hamdi stressed that before this shelter was built, weather conditions such as rain and heat impacted the family and caused them a lot of challenges. The children use to fall ill for a long time.

Alhamdulillah, the family can now enjoy their new shelter and keep safe and warm.

Thank you for your continued support, helping families across Somalia like Hamdi’s and thousands more.

You truly are life-savers.


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