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an islamic relief staff member visiting a woman at her shop who has been supported by islamic relief as part of a project to help orphan families with cash grants

Somalia: Improving the lives of orphan families in Hargeisa

In 2022, a massive fire blazed through Hargeisa’s main market, causing significant economic and livelihood harm for over 10,000 people who relied on the market as their primary source of income. In response to the disaster, Islamic Relief launched the Hargeisa Response Disaster (HADIR) project, which focused primarily on mothers with orphaned children.

75 widowed mothers were part of this project, where each household received a $2,500 cash grant and an additional $400 as a loan through self-help groups.

The goal of the grant and assistance was to help the rightsholders restart their business after it suffered significant fire damage. Shamis Hussein, one of the recipients of the project, said:

When the fire ruined our assets, we didn't have any protective equipment, and nothing remained for us. We were just part of the thousands of families who were in shock due to the loss of their source of income. My situation was worse as my children are orphans. Thankfully, with Islamic Relief’s support I was able to open my grocery store.

Shamis Hussein.

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