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Our Smart Water Solutions: Integrated fish farming and crop irrigation

Our Smart Water Solutions: Integrated fish farming and crop irrigation

“We made from water every living thing…” (Qur’an 21:30) 

Zione and her family had struggled for many years to get by. Despite their hard work, their meagre earnings simply weren’t enough to support the family. Now, however – thanks to an innovative fish farming and crop irrigation project implemented by Islamic Relief –  Zione and over 200 other farmers now have additional income to support their families.

Alhamdulillah, Zione’s income has increased from $10 to $60 per harvest – a truly life-changing transformation for her family.

Malawi Case Study 1

Our team in Malawi built six canals with a combined length of over 10,000 metres, irrigating farmland and enabling farmers to increase their crop yield. Alongside this farmers received the tools, seeds and training needed to ensure they could manage their crops and the huge irrigation system independently.

Alongside the irrigation canals, we constructed nine fish ponds on three different sites at a combined size of 3,500 square metres, stocking them with 36,000 fingerlings. The water from the canals supplies the fish ponds as well as irrigating the crops. Zione and the other farmers received further training to enable them to maximise their income from fish farming as well as agriculture.

The really smart thing about this approach is that the waste greenery from the crops after harvest can be used for fish food, while the waste water from the fish ponds is rich in nutrients and so is great for fertilising the crops.

Malawi Case Study 2

Alhamdulillah, by listening to the local community in Malawi and providing them with a tailored solution, we’ve ensured that hundreds of families like Zione’s will benefit from a continuous source of income for years to come, insha’Allah.

Zione says: “I would like to tell the donors that my life has changed as I’m able to get more income through this project. Thank you very much and God bless you.”

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