Sinhat (pictured) is a three-year-old orphan from Bangladesh. His father died in a road accident before he was born, and he lost his mother to illness when he was just five months old. Sinhat has two older siblings, aged six and seven, and they are all looked after by their grandmother and their 18-year-old cousin.

Sinhat’s brother Samsul is just six years old and works in a metal factory to help support the family. The work is back breaking and dangerous, and he gets paid very little. Their cousin also works but his income is barely enough to cover the rent and food.

They all live in one room and after paying rent, they have just 10p each a day to survive on.

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The family are in debt and at risk of being made homeless by their landlord, as they cannot afford to keep up their rent payments. It is highly likely that once Sinhat gets a little older, he will also have to go and work in the metal factory and will probably stay there all his life – like adults working there now who started there as young children.

Sinhat’s grandmother is old, and she constantly worries about what will happen to Sinhat and his other siblings after she has gone. Her biggest fear is that they will end up homeless and begging on the streets, which is a very dangerous place to be.

Your Zakat and Sadaqah could change everything for Sinhat, his family and the countless other children living in extreme poverty across the world.  Gather the rewards of Ramadan and give generously to those in need in this blessed month. The Prophet (PBUH) was the most generous in giving charity in Ramadan and said: “The best charity is that given in Ramadan.” (Tirmidhi)

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