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Severe flooding in Albania

Severe flooding in Albania

Record rainfall in the first week of February triggered widespread flooding across four districts in the south of Albania. A state of emergency was declared as floodwaters inundated homes and farming land: displacing families, killing livestock and crops.

Believed to be the worst deluge in 40 years, the floods have damaged roads, bridges and other essential infrastructure – including a power station. Water supply systems have been contaminated and some communities are still without electricity. The government’s emergency food stocks are close to running out.

Islamic Relief, which has been working in Albania since 1991, has already reached affected families in Berat and Novosel commune in Vlora. We have distributed 400 emergency packs in Ura Vajgurore and Morave villages. The parcels contained vital items such as food, drinking water, soap, and a blanket.

With freezing conditions expected to hit flooded communities in the coming days, Islamic Relief emergency teams are working to reach even more people. You can support our efforts by donating to the Globlal Emergencies Fund today

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