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School for Sara – Bosnia

School for Sara – Bosnia

Sara, from Sarajevo, Bosnia, was barely five years old when her father left without word.

Sara has not heard from him since. She lives with her older brother Benjamin and her mother, Hadzera, on the ground floor of a house, consisting of just two humble rooms and a small bathroom.

Survival has been difficult for the family since Sara’s father left, as they lack access to essential, everyday items. Often the family are unable to buy food, and cannot afford to pay rent. When asked about her income, Sara’s mother answered: “I am so ashamed, but I have no income. I am doing my best – I am cleaning the houses and I am planting vegetables. I will do any honest job to give my kids essential things. I am their mother and father.”

Despite the fact that Hadzera graduated from medical school, she is unable to find a stable job.

When Sara started suffering from constant bleeding, her mother was devastated. She had no money for food or medical treatment for Sara’s severe health problems, so she contacted Islamic Relief. With our support, Sara has been able to receive medical treatment to deal with her condition.

As well as child sponsorship, Islamic Relief has supported the family with Qurbani meat, Ramadan packages, stationery for the children to attend school and firewood to keep them warm. Sara is also able to attend summer and winter schools, funded by Islamic Relief.

Sara told us: “Everything is easier when you have someone beside you. I have no father but I have my mother and good people who will help us. Thanks to Islamic Relief I had opportunity to travel and to attend summer and winter school. That was amazing experience for me.”

Sara’s mother said: There are not many words that can express what a blessing you have extended to me and my children.”

To sponsor an orphan like Sara, visit our Orphan and Child Support page.

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