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Scholarship for aspiring leaders launched in partnership with Cambridge Muslim College

Scholarship for aspiring leaders launched in partnership with Cambridge Muslim College

The scholarship provides an opportunity for ambitious young Muslims who aspire to be future leaders to develop their understanding of global social issues and develop the skills to present and articulate the values of their faith in the modern world.

The Diploma in Contextual Islamic Studies and Leadership is a one-year course designed to assist those who already have significant understanding of the Islamic Sciences to develop, communicate and implement their knowledge effectively in Britain today.

Its aim is to help students with a background in traditional Islamic studies to go on to join the mainstream British further education system, as the course draws upon Islamic sources for inspiration and guidance, yet provides the skills and knowledge necessary in modern British society.

Imran Madden, Director of Islamic Relief UK, said:

“This exciting collaboration between Islamic Relief and Cambridge Muslim College will help build a future generation of Muslim faith leaders able to deal confidently with contemporary international development issues, while also advocating for social justice and equality.”

The scholarship will be offered to a current student at Cambridge Muslim College for the academic year 2017-18. Upon graduation, students will also have the opportunity to undertake a summer internship in international development at Islamic Relief.

The course is taught by leading scholars and practitioners from the University of Cambridge, the British Muslim community and elsewhere. They include renowned scholar Dr. Tim Winter, Dean of Cambridge Muslim College, who has been described by The Independent as ‘Britain’s most influential Muslim’.

Dr. Tim Winter, Dean of Cambridge Muslim College, said:

“This collaboration not only strengthens ties between two major Muslim institutions, but also creates a unique platform for much-needed synergy between the international development sector and the Islamic scholarly tradition. This scholarship enables us to grow our work in training Muslim leaders who transform their communities.”

Cambridge Muslim College is an independent higher education institute. It develops Muslim faith leadership through world-class education, training and research based on a genuine dialogue between the Islamic intellectual tradition and the ideas and philosophies of the contemporary world.

Applicants for the course are expected to be intellectually curious, hardworking, and committed to the aims of the College. Like those of the University of Cambridge, the standards of the College are high and the work is challenging. What students put in, they will get back by being part of a rigorous, innovative and dynamic programme.

Visit the Cambridge Muslim College website to find out more about the Diploma and entry criteria.

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