Alhamdulillah! The sacred month of Ramadan is now upon us, offering us a blessed time to pray, fast and seek forgiveness for the love of Allah (SWT).

It is also a time to think more deeply about the other people – our families, friends, neighbours, and our commitment to the Ummah.

One part of our Ummah that has been suffering for seven long years is Syria. Just imagine for one moment the heartache, pain and suffering that the people of Syria have gone through. What sort of Ramadan will they experience. How can we help them in their time of need?

These are the questions we need to ask ourselves.

The seemingly unending conflict has decimated the country, leaving its population in crisis and the nation in ruins. Yet, despite the ongoing escalation in hostilities, our teams on the ground continue to risk their lives to provide vital assistance. However, we need your support to be able to carry on our life-saving work.

This Ramadan, join us at our Saving Syria fundraising iftar along with our special guest, Sheikh Abu Bakr Ash-Shatri who will be leading the Maghrib prayer with his distinctively moving recitation, and we will also have a unique experiential spoken word performance on the topic of Syria.

Get your tickets today for what will be a reflective, engaging and inspiring evening insha’Allah.

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