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Meat-free fortnight challenge: Re-balance your Ramadan

For millions of Muslims across the world, Ramadan is an important time of self-reflection, when we try to restore our connection with Allah (SWT) and put a stop to harmful habits.

However, what people often forget is that this also applies to our relationship with the Earth as well.

All Creation is a blessing from Allah (SWT) and this includes His beautiful Earth. Sadly, though, during Ramadan we see an increase in carbon emissions and that directly damages the planet.

Ramadan and meat: Increased carbon emissions

With higher levels of meat consumption throughout Ramadan, we’re actually causing harm to our great earth. Research has shown that eating meat is one of our biggest contributions to polluting the planet.

As we tuck in to our suhoor and iftar meals, we cannot remain oblivious to the consequences of our food choices and the impact they are having on Creation.

For example, did you know meat and dairy today account for 15% of global carbon emissions? It only stands to reason, therefore, that if we reduced the demand for meat, carbon emissions would go down.

What’s more, here in the UK, figures around meat consumption highlight just how popular meat is in Muslim households. British Muslims – whilst constituting only 5% of the UK population – account for 20% of meat consumption in the UK.

The waste from these animals also produce methane; a gas which is indeed 84% more potent than C0₂ .

Quite simply: the more meat we eat, the more we’re polluting the planet. And during Ramadan, this problem only gets worse…

Climate change is devastating the planet and affecting many already vulnerable communities. Whilst Islamic Relief is on the ground providing life-saving aid to protect communities affected by climate-induced disaster, we need to do more.

The Earth was gifted to us in perfect harmonious balance (mizaan). Allah (SWT) has made us the custodians over His beautiful planet.

This is why Islamic Relief is calling on you to re-balance your Ramadan, by taking part in our Meat-Free Fortnight Challenge.

Re-balance your Ramadan: Join us!

Make your Ramadan one of balance – not excess. Just like in the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The prophetic diet was actually predominately vegetarian, comprised of far less meat than in the average diet of Muslims in Britain today.

So, be more like Prophet Muhammad (SAW) – eat less meat!

Join us this Ramadan and take part in our Meat-Free Fortnight Challenge.

How do I take part?

Combating climate change requires a united effort so by reducing your meat consumption, the lower the collective carbon emissions and the greater the reward.

So what have you got to lose?

Here’s how to get involved:

  1. Sign up here: Commit to going meat-free for the last 14 days of Ramadan – yep that’s no meat for 14 days!
  2. Start collecting sponsorship money: Call on friends and family to support your cause
  3. Update us: Let us know how you’re getting on and don’t forget to add #MeatFreeFortnight on social media

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