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Reduced to Rubble

Reduced to Rubble

Mustafa Abdul Latif, 48, was a truck driver living in Homs. But his beloved city has been reduced to rubble, with very little clean water, electricity or food.  He fled to Jordan with his heavily pregnant wife Fatima and their four children, after his sister and her young family were brutally killed in their own home.

Now, Islamic Relief provides food vouchers each month so that Mustafa can feed his family. “That’s how we’re surviving, and they’re a big help,” he says. When the stress caused a potentially fatal blood clot in Mustafa’s heart, we paid for the operation to remove it and save his life.

With your support, Islamic Relief has helped 1.1 million Syrians like Mustafa and Fatima with vital food, medical care and shelter – but with no end to the conflict in sight, many more urgently need your help.

In 2012:

1.1 million Syrians assisted by Islamic Relief – 800,000 inside Syria and the rest in Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq/ 90 field hospitals and clinics supplied with 1.8 million items of medicines and equipment / 18,000 people provided with hospital treatment/30 ambulances supplied/150,000 food parcels distributed/150,000 items of clothes provided/76,000 blankets and 30,000 mattresses supplied

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