It’s Recycle Week for Islamic Relief shops, clothing banks and donors all over the country – and here’s why we’d love you to get involved…

Seven tonnes of clothing is thrown away every ten minutes in the UK

A colossal 367,920 tonnes of clothes go to landfill each year – that’s the weight of 30,000 double-decker buses!

Around 3,000 tonnes of donations are processed by Islamic Relief each year but we want to do more: the UK throws away the same amount every three days

For every tonne of clothing that is reused or recycled, about 6 tonnes of CO2 is saved – reducing climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions


The amount of clothing being thrown away and dumped in landfill is truly shocking. We believe in a better solution: one that helps the environment and benefits thousands of people around the world.

At Islamic Relief we use money raised from your donated clothes to help support and fund long-term projects benefiting some of the world’s poorest communities. We sell your clothing because we believe those in need require more than just donated clothes. They need education, water systems, micro-finance support, medical and emergency aid. And in some cases where clothing is also required, we give them new clothes too.

Money raised from clothing donations has helped people break out of the vicious cycle of poverty. We have provided health care in Pakistan, contributed to Islamic Relief’s emergency response to the East Africa crisis, and provided micro-finance loans in Bangladesh.

In 2014 we implemented water projects in Yemen giving beneficiaries access to clean water in their local area. Last year, funds raised from clothing donations helped Islamic Relief build two schools for girls in Iraq, and supported orphan projects in several countries.

Alhamdulillah, by the Grace of Allah SWT and your generous donations, these are just some of the projects we have funded.

With your help, we can do more! Together, we can help reduce waste and help the world’s poorest people. This Recycle Week, please donate your clothes for recycling – and get involved in the special events in our ‘home’ city of Birmingham listed below.



Factory Open Day (for organisations, mosques etc) – Wednesday 14th September 2016

Factory Open Day (Open to Public) – Thursday 15th September 2016

Coffee Morning (Birmingham Shop) – Saturday 17th September 2016

Fashion Show – Saturday 24th September 2016 – Event details

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