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Over 12.5 million children in Pakistan are subject to child labour.

Here at Islamic Relief, we believe that every child has a basic right to an education. Not only is it a crucial step in removing children from the dangers posed by child labour, but providing an education could be the difference between a chance at a decent life and a life trapped in poverty.

As part of our ‘Protection of Children at Risk’ project, Islamic Relief not only provides children with an opportunity to receive an education, but we also provide their families with life-changing skills training. For this purpose, we have collaborated with the Government of Punjab to rehabilitate a non-formal basic education school in the Pir Wadhai area of Rawalpindi, Punjab, which has an alarmingly high ratio of child labour, child abuse and violence against children.

The community school, which is owned by local activist Mrs Shehla Naz, lacked basic facilities such as furnished classrooms and adequate space for learning. After its rehabilitation, the school was able to enrol 60 children, highlighting the significance of such interventions in urban areas.

As part of the rehabilitation project, the school has been painted, classrooms have been equipped with ceiling and exhaust fans, classrooms have been carpeted and minor sanitation issues have been fixed.

Another highlight of the project is that the school has been able to provide psychosocial support to children who have been exposed to child labour on the streets, in order to ensure their smooth reintegration into the society.

You could provide a safe, nurturing space like this one for a child in Pakistan today by joining us for Charity Week at Islamic Relief! It’s a great way to come together for a cause that makes a real difference to someone’s life.

Take part by joining us for our 2020 challenge – simply pick any activity, apply the number 20 to it and get sponsored to do it! Or find yourself taking a leap into a truly unique and exhilarating experience by bungee jumping off of a 160ft platform for our 2020 big bungee challenge! All for the purpose of transforming a child’s future.


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