With the increase in demonstrations and violence in the region, over 270 people have been killed and over 29,000 wounded in Gaza over the last year.

The intensifying conflict and number of resultant casualties are expected to rise further over the coming days and weeks in an area where the health system is already short in resources.

Gaza’s health system was already under severe pressure due to ongoing staff shortages and lack of medical supplies. The high burden of caring for patients suffering from trauma now additionally places a burden on other medical resources including neo-natal and maternal services and elective surgeries.

Hospital fuel reserves are in decline, with hospitals taking drastic measures such as reducing sterilisation, cleaning laundry and catering at facilities. This will undoubtedly place patients’ health at risk.

With around half the population across the Palestinian Territories in need of humanitarian aid and water and electricity shortages across Gaza, we’re working to support communities in need across the region.

Crisis response

Islamic Relief is on the ground in Gaza focusing on priority health needs, namely the provision of medical supplies and equipment.

We’ve been instrumental in the reconstruction of the Palestine Avenir Centre, working with children living with disabilities such as cerebral palsy and are now working to support the local health care system.

We’re responding to hospitals’ medical needs in order to improve their preparedness to help save as many lives as possible should any further emergency erupt, as well as increasing chances of treatment for sick or injured persons.

By providing food for medical staff and injured patients at local hospitals, disposables and drugs, in addition to supporting the most vulnerable households with food, we’re working to support as many people in crisis as possible.

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