Conflict across Gaza, Palestine, has seen thousands of innocent civilians lose their lives and homes, and local livelihoods and infrastructure completely destroyed.

Rebuilding Gaza

During the 2014 conflict, over 20,000 homes, community health centres, hospitals and schools were destroyed.

Islamic Relief responded immediately to the crisis by delivering life-saving medical supplies to 12 hospitals and distributing food, clean water and other essential aid to over 15,000 displaced people.

Following the ceasefire, our efforts have focussed on helping to restore basic healthcare, education, water and sanitation systems. In addition, we are supporting local families to access education and recover their livelihoods.

Life in Gaza

Unemployment in Gaza has reached a staggering 42% and many families are living in desperate poverty. Unable to afford basics including school uniforms and stationery for their children, children’s education often suffers.

In eastern Gaza, 14 year-old Raneen and her siblings know all too well the burden of poverty. With their father suffering from ill health and out of work for more than 11 years, Raneen’s parents cannot afford new school supplies. Feeling embarrassed and ashamed, Raneen left school.

Living in a crowded home with frequent power cuts and no electricity generator, Raneen struggles to do her schoolwork. Once a high-achiever, she has been left anxious and stressed by the effects of poverty and despite her determination, her schooling began to suffer.

Lightening the burden of poverty

With your support we can change the lives of children like Raneen. Your donations are enabling us to provide stationery and clothing for her and her siblings so they can go to school. For Raneen’s mother this support brings a vital ray of hope for her and the whole family:

“You can’t imagine our happiness. When I came back home carrying the school supplies, my children raced to see them. My younger son took his new school bag and rushed to put his books in it. He always dreamt of having a new bag. When I saw my children eating proper food, having winter clothes, receiving health care and wearing the new school uniforms, the weight on our shoulders was lightened.”

For Raneen and her siblings, something as simple as a new school uniform or bag provides critical hope that despite the odds, they can have a better, brighter future.

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