The most recent conflict in Gaza saw thousands of innocent civilians lose their lives – including six-year-old Ismail Bakir, who was hit by a rocket and instantly killed when he was playing on the beach, not far from home where his mother was.

Rebuild Gaza

Islamic Relief responded immediately to the crisis and delivered life saving medical supplies to 12 hospitals and provided food, clean water and other essential supplies to over 15,000 people that fled their homes due to the bombing.

Rebuilding Lives

Following the ceasefire, where relative calm has been restored, the focus has shifted to reconstruction. Over 18,000 homes were destroyed and critical infrastructure, such as clean water treatment plants severely damaged.

Islamic Relief is working to help restore the basic services of healthcare, education, water and sanitation through the repair and refurbishment of buildings and equipment. In addition to restoring services, Islamic Relief is also working with families to help restore livelihoods, particularly farmers and fishermen, so that families are once again able to support themselves.

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