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Real changes in Kenya

Real changes in Kenya

In Kenya, Islamic Relief are running a project called Youth Initiative Kenya (YIKE), supporting hundreds of children from slum-areas such as Korogocht. YIKE works to empower children by raising public awareness about child protection rights and safety. They run open days which include interactive debates, learning sessions and support groups. Ruweidha Adan who attends Al-Tawaan Primary school writes to us about her experiences of the programmes:

“I am a girl from Al-taawan Primary School. I sat for my HCPE this year. I was a club member of YIKE, furthermore, the club prefect. YIKE has been like our guardian for the past two years. We as pupils have learnt our rights and so if anyone comes to abuse us they will never have for the help of YIKE people.

I remember after having a debate opposing that early marriages should be abolished, I went straight home. There, I saw my friend, Halima, shedding tears uncontrollably. I asked her the reason why she was that way. I was astonished when she told me that after 8 she will be married to a man who has two wives already, and she will be the third one. I really thanked God for sending me to her. That is when I encouraged her to visit YIKE’s office, but she was scared of the new name she heard. So I remember Isaack, one of the YIKE members telling us to share our problems with teachers.

I went straight to my class teacher and told him everything. He got to the bottom of the story until my friend Halima was helped. We were very thankful to YIKE people because it if was not for them, I wouldn’t have any knowledge of how to help my friend. Now me as a pupil, I know my parents right over me. I don’t know how to thank YIKE people, but may the Almighty Lord pay you.”


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