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Qurbani Meat for Yemeni Families

Qurbani Meat for Yemeni Families

Islamic Relief Yemen distributed over 750 Qurbanis, reaching more than 3000 families in Sana’a, Amran, Aden, and Abyan.

Poor families, particularly those with orphaned children or disabled family members, were prioritised, ensuring the meat reached those who need it most. Some of the families who benefited were Syrian, having fled their war-torn country in search of safety in Yemen.

For many of the families, receiving Qurbani was a welcome luxury. “Meat is not in our daily diet,” said Ali Abdullah, a disabled man living with his family in Amran. “This Qurbani project made me and my kids happy, we are now able to eat meat for two to three days.”

Islamic Relief’s Qurbani programme aims to reach millions of vulnerable people in Yemen and around the world. Last year, we distributed meat to more than 3.2 million people in 29 countries.


Islamic Relief in Yemen

One of  the poorest countries in the Arab world, Islamic Relief has worked in Yemen since 1998. As well as seasonal projects like Qurbani and Ramadan food distributions, we carry out long-term development work in a number of sectors. We have also launched an innovative programme to tackle violence against women and children, in partnership with UNHCR.

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