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Orphan Stories: Smiles, School and Cuddly Toys!

At Islamic Relief, when you choose to sponsor an orphan, you’re supporting a child for a brighter future. You’re not simply providing financial support, but you’re also enabling a young boy or girl to go to school, and receive daily meals and medical care. Your sponsorship helps to meet their crucial needs, and benefits the whole household.

With over 8,000 orphans sponsored by Islamic Relief across Palestine, many children are in need of essential care. Find out how your sponsorship can help children across the region by reading some of our success stories from the West Bank.

Thanks to your support, these children are now happy, healthy and thriving, Alhamdulillah!

West Bank: Meet Your Sponsored Orphans


Ahmed is an outgoing young boy who lives with his mum and three siblings after his father sadly passed away around seven years ago. Ahmed attends the local primary school and is an excellent student. His marks are on average a whopping 90% and his favourite subject is Arabic.

Outside of school, Ahmed enjoys playing computer games, cycling and drawing. He also collects cuddly toys! When he grows up, Ahmed wants to be an engineer, insha’Allah.Lina

Lina is a cheerful five-year-old. She lives with her with mother and two siblings. Her father sadly passed away around two years ago. Lina goes to the local pre-school nursery near her home. She’s learning to read, write and draw, and is making excellent progress. Well done Lina!

When she’s not being a busy bee at nursery learning lots of new skills, Lina likes to play and watch cartoonsHamza

Hamza is a bright and cheeful 11-year-old who lives with his mother and three siblings. His father sadly passed away in 2015.

At school, Hamza’s favourite subject is English and in his free time, he also enjoys writing, playing football, cycling and spending time with his friends. When he grows up, he also wants to be an engineer insha’Allah.Amara

Amara is a quiet 13-year-old who lives with her mother and two sisters. Her father passed away in 2012.

Amara is a great student and on average gains a whopping 97% in her work. In her free time, Amara collects shells and enjoys, running, sewing and playing with her toys.

When she grows up, Amara would like to be a surgeon, insha’Allah.By sponsoring an orphan across the West Bank, you could provide a child like Ahmed, Hamza, Lina and Amara with much needed care.

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