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Old Clothes Pay for Emergency Health Services

Old Clothes Pay for Emergency Health Services

In recent times, money generated from second hand clothes has been used to support emergency relief programmes such as the East Africa drought and the Pakistan floods. In Pakistan, the money supported the health intervention, including mobile health clinics, which Azra was a part of.

Azra is a women’s health visitor and nurse working in northern Pakistan. She works out of an Islamic Relief mobile medical clinic, set up to help survivors of the floods and sees over 100 patients a day – mostly women and children.

Azra and her colleagues provide female-friendly medical care to people suffering from a range of health problems, which she believed are caused by “living in dirty conditions, unsanitary conditions.”

“As awareness of the importance of hygiene increases, I have seen the cases of diarrhoea and skin problems gradually reducing.”

Part of Azra’s job as a women’s health visitor is to give her patients valuable advice on antenatal and postnatal care, the importance of environmental health, and the protection provided by vaccinations for themselves and their children. She visits women in their homes too – making sure as many people as possible get to access the medical care available. Treatment and medication are provided free, and the team has reported a lot of success in improved health, as well as reduced stress levels.

“People here depend on God for help. The support that people have receivd from relief agencies has helped alleviate some of their anxiety, and I think that they have good hope for the future now.”

Old Clothes, New Lives

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