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New Islamic Relief partnerships in Bangladesh to reach 300,000 people fleeing Myanmar

We are pleased to announce PULSE Bangladesh as our first local partner, approved by the Bangladeshi authorities to work in this current crisis in the Cox’s Bazar camps. Thanks to PULSE and other partners, we are scaling up the emergency response programmes we fund to reach a total of 300,000 people or around 50,000 families in the next few weeks – with food packs, shelter and hygiene supplies.

Islamic Relief’s Head of Asia, Masud Siddique, says:

“We could not have responded to this crisis on such a scale without the generous support of so many donors around the world. We are delighted that with PULSE we are working with a local partner that is experienced in working in Cox’s Bazar and aware of the acute needs of the displaced population. This partnership will help us widen our reach in this severe humanitarian crisis.

“In the coming months, we will identify a variety of locations where we can work with PULSE Bangladesh to serve those who need our support the most, while also building the capacity of PULSE to deliver aid well into the future during emergencies such as this.”

Alongside this partnership we will also be funding a number of international aid organisations to deliver emergency aid to those people that have fled Myanmar into Bangladesh since August 2017.

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