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a young girl from nepal sat in the classroom with her peers

Nepal: Supporting children like Manisha to become leaders

Lack of resources often restricts schools from organising more outdoor events, which impedes the all-round development of children. To provide such opportunities to children, Islamic Relief along with its implementing partner BATAS Foundation, supported three schools in Naukunda Rural Municipality in organising various outdoor learning events such as awareness generation on safe water handling, personal hygiene, and safe sanitation practices. Events were also organised on disaster preparation and child protection activities.

The events were led by the school child clubs, which has resulted in positive change in the children. Manisha Ghale, a shy 14-year-old girl from Naukunda Rural Municipality lives with her large family, consisting of her grandparents, parents, three younger sisters, and a brother. Her parents are farmers and run a small furniture business.

Manisha shared:

I was shy and scared to speak up in front of people. My world revolved around my schoolbooks, class, and homework.

Manisha Ghale.

“I wants to participate in extracurricular activities at my school. I enjoy interacting with my schoolmates.”

Manisha is now a member of the Child Club. She participates in various programs organised by the Child Club. Later, Manisha was elected as the club’s General Secretary, for which she was initially hesitant due to a lack of confidence to perform the role. Active engagement in child club activities enhanced her confidence and expanded her learning. Manisha developed leadership qualities written minutes of the meetings and conducting several programs.

My confidence was boosted as I did more public speaking.

Manisha Ghale.

Participating in various meetings and programs enhanced her understanding of child rights, child protection, disaster risk reduction, and personal and menstrual hygiene.

The learnings are crucial for bringing social change; Therefore, I not only practiced the learnings in my daily life but also encouraged my family members, friend, and people around me.

Manisha Ghale.

Manisha wants to expand her horizon of knowledge beyond the textbooks. Manisha expressed:

My parents are always there to support my goals for social change and are proud of my activities in the child club.

Manisha Ghale.

Like Manisha, the project has also encouraged other child club members. They have conducted various social awareness programs by organising street plays, public rallies, and other such activities. The initiative is appreciated by the community members, teachers, elders, and parents which motivates child club members. This small change has created hope for better all-around development of children.

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