Since late August, the emergency situation in Rakhine State, Myanmar, has worsened with violent clashes reportedly resulting in over 1,000 dead. The United Nations estimate that almost 400,000 people have fled for refuge in Bangladesh since the 25th August, whilst UNICEF estimate that 80% of refugees are women and children.

Hundreds of thousands of displaced people have reportedly obtained passage into Bangladesh since October 2016 to seek refuge in camps and villages, with many more turned back at the border.

Islamic Relief has been working in Myanmar since 2008, delivering life-saving emergency aid, food, shelter and hygiene kits to those displaced by internal conflict and inter-communal violence. We’ve rebuilt schools and funded healthcare through innovative clinics, which allow us to reach isolated communities.

Food Distribution in Myanmar

Emergency update from Bangladesh

Over 1,000 people estimated dead from violent clashes

Agencies estimate that 15,000 people will continue to try to cross the border every day due to the increase in violence.

This recent spate of conflict has not only seen civilians killed and landmines planted but satellite imagery confirms villages have been set alight. Entire townships have had to be evacuated creating wholly displaced communities taking temporary shelter in schools and public buildings. 400,000 people are allegedly trapped in the immediate vicinity of the conflict zone.

Islamic Relief is continuing its on-going operations in Myanmar and is closely monitoring the crisis in Rakhine State – please donate now and help save lives.

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