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Lebanon Charity: Why the people of Lebanon need your support

Lebanon is slipping deeper and deeper into crisis.  According to UN estimates, 78% of the Lebanese lives below the poverty line, with 36% of the population living in extreme poverty.

Syrian refugees make up nearly a quarter of Lebanon’s population. Nearly 90% of Syrians are now living in extreme poverty and less than 30% of Syrian children are in school.

We are supporting Lebanese and refugee families with cash so they can buy what they need with dignity. And we’re supporting small and medium sized business to keep themselves afloat through the crisis.


Beirut, Lebanon: Over 200 people killed and thousands injured after huge explosion

On 4 August 2020, a large explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, killed at least 207 people and injured thousands more. The explosion caused an estimated $15 billion in property damage, and left an estimated 300,000 people homeless. The Lebanese Government has declared a national day of mourning on 4 August to commemorate this painful disaster, which is still affecting thousands of families.

Islamic Relief was one of the first organisations that responded to the explosions. Our teams were on the scene immediately after the tragedy, providing aid and support to those affected. Islamic Relief Lebanon distributed food and hygiene kits to the survivors, as well as delivering rehabilitation programmes. We are still providing support in the form of shelter rehabilitation and distributing food parcels.

Your donations can help us continue our vital work to support communities affected by this disaster.

lebanon emergency appeal beirut explosion blast

Islamic Relief Lebanon Acting Country Director, Tariq Al Bizri, said:

“Thousands of people lost their jobs as prominent businesses and companies were also destroyed in the explosion and never re-opened. Unemployment has increased since then, which has worsened the situation.

“In addition, the economic crisis in Lebanon has intensified in recent months, affecting many sectors. We only have electricity for a couple of hours a day, and there is no fuel for generators. The lack of electricity has affected everyone, especially those with health conditions who rely on medical equipment, such as oxygen tanks, to survive. With the absence of power supply or fuel for generators, we now live in the dark, significantly impacting the mental health of everyone, especially children. 

“It has become common to see people sleeping in the street, especially those who have breathing problems or anyone who wants to avoid the heat. Life in the country is becoming more of a struggle with every passing day.’’

Islamic Relief teams on the ground in Lebanon

Thanks to your donations to our initial emergency appeal, the Islamic Relief team in Beirut were able to provide distribute food packs supporting thousands of people, distribute hygiene kits to 645 households,  provide fuel for 4 medical facilities and remove rubble from the streets.

Our initial response focused on handing out ready-to-eat meals, hygiene kits and health supplements to those who are most in need. We will support people who desperately need assistance. Many of the people live in public buildings such as schools, mosques and churches because their homes have been destroyed.

We still need your support to continue providing support in the form of shelter rehabilitation and distributing food parcels to affected communities.

lebanon emergency appeal donate to lebanon beirut

lebanon emergency appeal donate to lebanon beirut

Where donations to this emergency appeal meet the immediate needs of those affected we will use remaining funds for longer term relief to the communities affected by this emergency and then for other humanitarian relief within Lebanon.

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