Beirut, Lebanon: At least 180 people killed and thousands injured after huge explosion

At least 180 people were killed and 6,500 more hurt in a large explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. They need emergency help now and through our Lebanon Emergency Appeal, we will provide extremely important care for them.


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Viral images on social media captured the moment of the blast. The blast sent a huge shock wave throughout the city that smashed windows and destroyed homes. Roughly, 300,000 people have been made homeless as a result of the explosion.

Shockwaves of the blast were felt as far away as Cyprus, which is more than 200 km away. The loss of Beirut’s port will further destroy the country as it relies heavily on imports for supplies into the country.

Islamic Relief Lebanon Country Director, Nidal Ali, said:

“Islamic Relief has already started its response. We are looking at providing drinking water and food for people who have lost their homes. In a few days, we will also start helping to clear the streets of the debris caused by the blast and providing people currently out of work with cash to help out.

Longer-term, we will need to continue providing food parcels. As the seaport has been destroyed, food imports will be significantly reduced to a country that is already on its knees.”

lebanon emergency appeal beirut explosion blast

Lebanon Emergency: Hospitals in Beirut are filled with wounded people

Lebanon’s economy is on the verge of collapse due to the ongoing financial crisis and the pressure of the coronavirus lockdown.

Beirut’s hospitals are trying their best to help the large number of wounded people. Some casualties are being transferred to Tripoli for treatment, which is 50 miles away.

Islamic Relief teams are on the ground in Lebanon

As a result of our needs assessment, the Islamic Relief team in Beirut will provide water and housing as the most urgent needs. Your donation will be used to provide emergency aid and long-term recovery for those in need.

Our initial response will focus on handing out ready-to-eat meals, hygiene kits and health supplements to those who are most in need. We will support people who desperately need assistance. Many of the people live in public buildings such as schools, mosques and churches because their homes have been destroyed.

lebanon emergency appeal donate to lebanon beirut

lebanon emergency appeal donate to lebanon beirut

The Islamic Relief team has started handing out instant meals to hospital patients and those who are treating the wounded. Our aim to provide relief as quickly as possible. Also, our team in Beirut is helping to remove debris from public places to make them safe for all.

Donate to Lebanon’s Emergency Appeal and help save lives.

Where donations to this emergency appeal meet the immediate needs of those affected we will use remaining funds for longer term relief to the communities affected by this emergency and then for other humanitarian relief within Lebanon.

Lebanon Emergency: Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the nature of this emergency, there are many reports going around about getting aid in to Lebanon. Some are true but many are wrong. So, we want to let you know what our experience has been on the ground and how we’re delivering your generous donations to the people in need.

Does Islamic Relief have a programme for victims of the blast?


Is Islamic Relief working through the Lebanese government?


Is Islamic Relief being prevented from cleaning the streets?


Is Islamic Relief experiencing any bank hold or transfer issues?


Does Islamic Relief have long term plans for survivors?


Does Islamic Relief have development projects for Lebanon?


How is the money being used?

All funds are used in humanitarian operations in Lebanon. We are providing food supplies, medical aid and hygiene kits for immediate relief.

How are you supplying food?

We are working with reliable suppliers who have supplies in their warehouse. The more funds we raise, the more we can use these supplies to support families in an impending food shortage

How do you have access so fast?

Islamic Relief has been on the ground in Lebanon for the last 15 years. We have an office with staff and volunteers who deliver urgent support. They also run development projects for vulnerable locals and refugee communities.

How is the money transferred to Lebanon?

The international Islamic Relief Worldwide office in the UK transfer money to the Islamic Relief Lebanon office. It does not go through the Lebanese government.

What is Islamic Relief’s response time?

Our Phase 1 Response, started on Friday 7th August. This is aid that includes food supplies, helping people clear debris and to support the 300,000 people currently homeless. Phases 2 and 3 will aim to help those affected to rebuild their lives over the next few months.

How can we trust donations are delivered?

Transparency is very important to us. This is why we post pictures and share videos. We account for every pound given through reports on our website and audits every year.

For more information on how your donation is used, please click here.

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