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a person carrying two fire extinguishers to distribute to syrian refugees in a camp in lebanon

Lebanon: Distributing fire extinguishers to Syrian refugees

Islamic Relief Lebanon distributed fire extinguishers to Syrian refugees living in informal settlements in Lebanon under the ‘Arsal Camp Fire Response 2022’ project. This was done in response to the high risk of fire in the summer season in these settlements, which are often overcrowded and made of flammable materials.  A total of 229 fire extinguishers were distributed in addition to raising awareness of fire safety among three different age groups of refugees, where 687 households were targeted.

In the past, fires in informal settlements have caused significant damage and loss of life. The presence of fire extinguishers has helped to reduce the risk of fire, prevent these fires from happening, or to contain them quickly before they can spread. ​​​​​​​

The distribution of fire extinguishers was carried out in eight informal settlements in the Arsal area in compliance with shelter sector guidelines, where each fire extinguisher is provided to three tents. They took place in open areas between tents, and in closed and ceiled locations if found.

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