Ladybower Reservoir Family Challenge!

The Ladybower reservoir walk is a circular route that covers a circuit of one-half of the reservoir and provides the most magnificent views.

For those who undertake the walk you will be surrounded by a magnificent reservoir that boast breath-taking views!

Along the route, we have 5 child-friendly riddles (1 every mile), get a collectable item/token every mile, riddle winners get a prize!

This is the perfect challenge for families and individuals who enjoy sightseeing, so what are you waiting for?!

Dare to walk the Ladybower Reservoir!

Lady Bower Family Reservoir Challenge: The Details

Date: Sunday 29th May

Location: Ladybower Reservoir, Bamford S33 0AQ

Meet Up Time: 10:00am

Registration Fee: £10

Registration Deadline: 26th May

Sponsorship Target: £75

Difficulty: This challenge is graded as easy. It is suitable for families.

The Cause: Yemen Malnutrition fund

After years of intense conflict, Yemen is now struggling with one of the worst humanitarian crises in decades.

Right now, there are more people in need of humanitarian aid in Yemen than there are in any other country in the world.

Out of a population of 30 million, over 24 million people are relying on humanitarian aid to survive, with 13.5 million people (over 40% of the population) at risk of starvation.

With around 75% of the population live below the poverty line, we’re working with communities across Yemen during their hour of need.

We provide people with foodclean water, shelter and essential medical care, as well as preparing communities for disaster and supporting vulnerable children.

Islamic Relief empowers people to achieve sustainable livelihoods, supports education and advocates on behalf of those in need. Islamic Relief also sponsors thousands of orphaned children, helping to meet their basic needs and making sure they can go to school.

Operating from our country office in Sana’a, Yemen, we have a team of more than 3,000 staff and volunteers, supporting operations in over 70% of the country.

Working in 17 out of Yemen’s 22 governorates, we serve communities across the whole country, including in hard-to-reach areas.

Sign up Now and support Yemen.

Fundraising Ideas*

Smarties: Buy 20 tubes of Smarties and give them to 20 of your friends. Your one condition? Once they’ve enjoyed the Smarties, they return the tubes back to you filled with as many £1 coins as they can collect in a week. You’d be surprised how much you can raise using this tactic!

Bake Sale: A true classic. How about adding a theme to your fundraiser depending on the cause you’re raising for? E.g. a blue theme if you’re fundraising to provide clean water. Or you could really go for it, sell other homemade delights alongside your delicious baked goods like milkshakes, smoothies or classic desserts (trifle, cake & custard etc.).

Car Wash: Probably the most fun thing you could do, and all you need is water, a bucket, a sponge and some car shampoo. You could do this at your school or workplace, or you could even ask a local business to let you use their grounds/car park. Try make it more interesting by doing it in fancy dress and get your family and friends in on all the fun!

Click here for more fundraising ideas

*Please follow government guidelines for your locality in light of the coronavirus pandemic 

Pay in donations collected

You can quickly and easily pay in the money you’ve fundraised offline through the pay-in portal.

Just remember to use the same details you used to register for your challenge in the ‘your details’ section on the pay-in portal so we can allocate the money towards your fundraising target.


Email us on with any questions or for any further information. We’re here to support 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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