Take a Walk in your Kilt!

This year, Scotland’s celebrated Kilt Walk is back!

The Kiltwalk is a unique way to raise funds for Islamic Relief. You raise 100% for us and The Hunter Foundation adds 50% to your total for Islamic Relief!

A great day outdoors for the family, all whilst raising money for water for life!

The Details

Date: 24th April 2022

Dare to take on one of  three walking distances to pick from with the Mighty Stride (22.6 miles), Big Stroll (14.5 miles) and Wee Wander (approx. 3-5 miles). There’s something for everyone!

The Mighty Stride

Check out your Mighty Stride route from Glasgow Green (G1 5DB) to the finish line in the idyllic surroundings of Balloch. Mighty stride suitable for those aged 13 years and over.

Distance: 22.6 miles

Time: 8 hours average to complete

Entry Fee: £29.12 Entry fee

The Big Stroll/ The Wee Wander

Routes coming soon!

Distance: 14.5 / 3.5 miles

Time: 5 hours / 1.5 hours to complete

Price: £29.12 Adults/ £11.22 / £6.50 Children (Under 5’s free)- The Wee Wander only

Afghanistan in Crisis

Millions of Afghans are on the verge of facing a catastrophic famine, and their lives are at stake. Afghanistan is experiencing one of the worst droughts in 27 years, and as a result food, water and supplies are extremely scarceDonate to the Afghanistan Emergency Appeal today and help our teams on the ground to get to those in most need.

The head of the World Food Programme has described the situation unfolding in Afghanistan as “the worst humanitarian crisis on earth”.

The situation is further compounded by a collapsing economy and rising poverty, and a harsh winter season already in sway – the situation is getting more desperate by the day.

22 million people – more than half of the population – are facing acute food insecurity in the next three months

Support families in need by taking on the Kilt Walk!

Years of protracted conflict, the impact of Covid-19, the effects of climate change and now the current political turmoil, has pushed Afghanistan into one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises. Millions of lives are at stake, and children are already dying of hunger. 

22 million people – more than half of the population – are facing acute food insecurity in the next three months

With rampant unemployment and food prices spiralling out of control, current projections show that 97 percent of Afghans will be in poverty within a year. More than 8 million people are just one step away from famine, 3 million children under five are expected to suffer from malnutrition, and 1 million of these children are at risk of dying.

Families have resorted to selling anything they have left of value, and tragically, children as young as five are being forced to work for more than twelve hours a day to afford their families a meal.

Afghans are being plunged deeper into poverty and as the harsh winter season approaches, there’s even more of a terrifying risk to the lives of millions of Afghans.  Without taking action now, there is a real risk of a famine in the next year.

We are facing a race against time and funds are rapidly needed to support vulnerable families by providing life-saving aid ahead of winter.

Sign up Now and support emergency relief in Afghanistan.

Fundraising Ideas

Smarties: Buy 20 tubes of Smarties and give them to 20 of your friends. Your one condition? Once they’ve enjoyed the Smarties, they return the tubes back to you filled with as many £1 coins as they can collect in a week. You’d be surprised how much you can raise using this tactic!

Bake Sale: A true classic. How about adding a theme to your fundraiser depending on the cause you’re raising for? E.g. a blue theme if you’re fundraising to provide clean water. Or you could really go for it, sell other homemade delights alongside your delicious baked goods like milkshakes, smoothies or classic desserts (trifle, cake & custard etc.).

Car Wash: Probably the most fun thing you could do, and all you need is water, a bucket, a sponge and some car shampoo. You could do this at your school or workplace, or you could even ask a local business to let you use their grounds/car park. Try make it more interesting by doing it in fancy dress and get your family and friends in on all the fun!

Click here for more fundraising ideas

*Please follow government guidelines for your locality in light of the coronavirus pandemic 


Email us on challenges@islamic-relief.org.uk with any questions or for any further information. We’re here to support 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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