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“We had a beautiful life…now my situation is very bad”

“We had a beautiful life…now my situation is very bad”

Khansa Al-Hammady lived a normal life in Raqqa, north Syria, with her husband farming their land. Then the bombing started and their peaceful life changed forever. Khansa’s husband was killed in the bombing and her two elder sons suddenly disappeared. She still does not know whether they are dead or alive.

Khansa, fled her home with her three remaining sons and daughter towards Lebanon and found safety in the Bekaa Valley refugee camp.

 “We had a beautiful life. We used to work in agriculture; everyone had their own land and we were all happy. Now my situation is very bad.”

In the camp, the family shares a tent with another family and they have very little food for the family. Khansa’s health has also deteriorated due to the difficult conditions that she has to endure. She is losing hope that her situation will ever improve and that her children will ever have a normal life.

“I am asking Allah to return us to our homes and give us a peaceful life – that’s all we need from Him.”

Islamic Relief is working in the Bekaa Valley camp, providing essential aid to thousands of families, such as food, shelter and blankets, which provide some comfort and hope for the future.

“Islamic Relief brought us things that we need like mattresses, blankets and hygiene,” said Khansa. “May Allah bless them.”

Alhamdulillah, this Ramadan, if you give before 3rd August, we can double your donation to Islamic Relief with match-funding from the UK Government, up to a total of £5 million. That means for every pound you give to Syria, the government will give us another pound towards a special project in conflict-stricken Sudan, so that we can reach even more people struggling to keep their families together amidst violence and fighting.

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